Plan-Making Calculator

Welcome to the OPR Plan-Making Calculator

This calculator estimates the timeframe for making or reviewing a city or county development plan.

The timeframes are based on the statutory timeframes set out in the Planning and Development Act 2000, as amended (the Act).

To use the calculator, scroll down to the input section and select the step (from 1-16) you want to start from. Then, input the date relating to this step. You can start from any step of the plan-making process. The calculator will provide the full timeframe for the plan-making process, no matter what step you select at the input stage. We recommend for best outcomes to use this calculator on your desktop or laptop rather than a phone.

The Act allows flexibility with some of the internal local authority deadlines. For example, the local authority may give extra days for public consultation or may not require the maximum time available to prepare reports or consider the plan. Therefore, the timeframe and dates calculated are indicative only and the local authority dates may differ.

Members of public using this calculator are advised to contact their local authority for the precise timeframes.

Local authority planners should view the calculator as a supporting tool for reference only and should fully satisfy themselves regarding the timeframes for their plan reviews.

This calculator does not offer a legal interpretation of the Act nor prescribe the timeline for any specific plan.

Nine days are added where a step of the plan occurs during the Christmas period, as set out in the Act. The Christmas period applies from 24th Dec to 1st Jan (inclusive).

Eight weeks are added where a step of the plan occurred during the period 29th March to 23rd May 2020 (inclusive) due to Covid-19 restrictions, as required by the Act.

For more information on the plan-making process, please visit our development plan process infographic.

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