Your Plan-Making Calculation

Your Development Plan Review Timeline

No. Step Date Statutory Deadline
1 Public consultation on the pre-draft development plan (issues paper) starts 01-January-1970 N/A
2 Pre-draft development plan consultation close date 26-February-1970 Minimum
3 Chief executive’s report on pre-draft development plan public consultation 23-April-1970 Maximum
4 Directions from elected members to chief executive 02-July-1970 Maximum
5 Draft development plan issued to members for consideration 24-September-1970 Maximum
6 Deadline for members to amend the draft development plan 19-November-1970 Maximum
7 Public consultation on the draft development plan starts 03-December-1970 Maximum
8 Draft development plan consultation close date 11-February-1971 Minimum
9 Chief executive’s report on the draft development plan consultation 06-May-1971 Maximum
10 Members decide to accept or amend draft development plan 29-July-1971 Maximum
Material Amendments
11 Public consultation on material amendments of the draft development plan starts 19-August-1971 Maximum
12 Material amendments consultation close date 16-September-1971 Minimum
13 Chief executive’s report on material amendments 14-October-1971 Maximum
Making of Plan
14 Members decide to make/adopt the plan 25-November-1971 Maximum
15 Planning authority notifies the OPR of the adopted plan 02-December-1971 Maximum
16 Adopted plan comes into effect 06-January-1972 Maximum